MaO’s email-lists

Active lists:

Remember to replace [a] = @

This is an open e-mail list for all geographer students and staff

A closed e-mail list for the MaO board of executives. You cannot join the list if you are not a board member, but you are very welcome to contact the board by sending e-mail to this address.

Freshmen’s list. The number after “mao-“ indicates the freshman year, so this year’s  e-mail address is the one above. Freshmen’s list of 2023 is “mao-23”, 2022 is “mao-22” and so on. It is HIGHLY recommended to subscribe to your own freshman year’s list to receive all the vital information!


MaO now also has a separate email list for job announcements. The name of the list is

Joining MaO’s recruitment list follows the same principle as the MaO list:
1. Open the email address that you want to the recruiting announcements to come to
2. Create a new message
3. Add majordomo[a] as the recipient in the address field
4. Leave the title field blank
5. Write only: subscribe mao-rekry[a] as a message
6. You have joined the list! 🙂

How to subscribe:

Send an e-mail to majordomo[a], leave the title line empty and to the message part type down subscribe and the list you want, for an example like this:

subscribe mao-lista[a]

It depends from the list, which you are subscribing to whether you get a return message asking you to confirm your request or not. If the confirmation is required there are instructions in the return message how to do it.

If you want to unsubscribe from a list just send a message to majordomo with, for an example, following text:

unsubscribe mao-lista[a]