Board of MaO ry 2024

(To contact the board, please send email to mao-hallitus[at]

Chair: Nelli Vasse (nelli.vasse[at]

Chair is responsible for the functioning of MaO ry and keeping up good relations to other student organizations. This person basically knows everything, so don’t be afraid to hit them up with questions!

Vice Chair: Tatu Jentze (tatu.jentze[at]

If you receive e-mail regarding MaO, it is most likely sent by the Vice Chair. Also helping Chair and the rest of the student board is included to this position – long story short: you could say that Vice Chair is the right hand of MaO.

Treasurer:  Kiia Korpinen (kiia.korpinen[at]

Treasurer takes care of MaO’s budget and financial matters. Once or twice a year treasurer sends you a message including information about how you can pay for all the coffee or tea you’ve been enjoying the whole semester, don’t forget to pay!

Secretary: Tyyne Turunen (tyyne.turunen[at]

You can read secretary’s lifework – minutes – from “Kokouspöytäkirjat”. This way you can easily practice your Finnish skills twice a month.

Study coordinator: Tia-Maria Liljeroos (tia-maria.liljeroos[at]

If you have any questions regarding your rights as a student, or even just your studies and classes, Study coordinator is your go-to-person. If they can’t help you, they’ll find someone who can!

Tutor coordinator: Tuuli Vallinoja (tuuli.vallinoja[at]

Tutor coordinator makes sure that everything rolls smooth with the tutors. From the first applications to the last event of the freshman year tutor coordinator has things under control. Close and well-functioning tutor group is the cornerstone for an amazing freshmen year – you know it.

Kitchen master: Anna Liljefors (anna.liljefors[at]

Kitchen master is in charge of MaO’s kitchen and providing delicacies to events and MaO’s meetings. Kitchen master also makes sure that there is always coffee and tea available at the sofas in Kumpula.

Work-life coordinator: Joona Korhonen (joona.m.korhonen[at]

In need of a job? Work-life coordinator collaborates with our partners, organises excursions to companies in our field and keeps the student organization informed about anything and all career and work related.

Sports coordinator: Sofia Salonen (sofia.salonen[at]

Tired of all the school work? Not sure if you have any muscles left in your body after sitting hours and hours in lecture halls? That’s why sports coordinator makes sure that you get movement in your body every week. For more information, join the Facebook group “MaO:n liikuntainfo”.

Event master: Siiri Laiho (siiri.laiho[at]

Need plans for the weekend? Keep your eye on Facebook events and interesting party invitations in your e-mail. The person behind almost all MaO-parties is Event master, with the help of the party team of course.

Space master: Aapeli Leppä (aapeli.leppa[at]

Feeling thirsty? Our space master is responsible for the refreshments at MaO’s parties and events. The space master also takes part in organizing various events.

Equality representative and harassment contact person: Olivia Timisjärvi (olivia.timisjarvi[at]

Equality representative and harassment contact person supervises the implementation of equality. The harassment contact person can be contacted if you have experienced physical or verbal harassment or other inappropriate treatment. Discussions with the harassment officers are strictly confidential and no action will be taken without the permission of the person concerned.