International tutors for exchange students

International tutors for exchange students

Lucas Yoni & Anna Liljefors

This international tutor was practically made for his role! Born in France and raised in the heart of the state of Georgia, Atlanta, Lucas moved to Finland after finishing highschool. Now settled in Punavuori, Lucas lives with a roommate in a cozy flat, which has received lots of praise for its distinctive furnishing, houseplants and uniquely shaped kitchen! 😀

Lucas has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics, so he can navigate the center campus like the back of his hand. Starting his second year of studies in geography this autumn, Lucas is especially interested in urban geography. Lucas is a talented mapmaker and visualizing things is one of his expertises. In addition to international tutoring, the warm-hearted tutor is also one of MaO’s international coordinators and is very adept for his role! 

Lucas is a true multitalent: it seems like everything from playing volleyball and hosting get-togethers to creating the most imaginative PowerPoints comes naturally to him. This stylish tutor also loves trivia(as an exemplary geography student should) and enjoys visiting art galleries and cafes. Creativity is also one of Lucas’ numerous skills: his work can be admired on the cover of geographers’ magazine Mantu.

This tutor enjoys swimming and going to the sauna regardless of the time of year. Lucas is in fact a regular at Helsinki’s Sompasauna, where you can go ice swimming during the winter. So if you are in need of ice swimming company, this expert is sure to accompany you. This approachable tutor always brings good vibes to every occasion and you can definitely find something in common with him!

Hailing originally from Hausjärvi, just over an hour outside of Helsinki, but now settled down in Kumpula, Anna (a.k.a. Lillis) is a beacon of positivity who is always ready to jump in on the action. As one of the many active volunteers in our geography student organization, MaO, sit back and allow Anna to step in as your guide as you immerse yourself in Finland’s colorful and varied student culture. Even though she’s only a second-year student, Anna’s diligence and commitment to the “geography spirit” really is admirable! She’s even known for being one of the first people setting up at unforgettable events for her fellow classmates and often being one of the last ones to stay behind and clean up. If she lets me, I’ll even reveal one of her pro-tips: ice tea isn’t just a refreshing beverage, but it can also be the key to victory in geographers’ beloved game of flunkyball!

An experienced sushi buffet enthusiast, you can be sure to find Anna at a number of Helsinki’s fine dining establishments, selecting only the finest and tastiest nigiris and avocado makis onto her plate. However, on the off chance that Anna isn’t curating a culinary experience at a sushi buffet or bringing positive vibes to MaO’s events, you can find her on our cozy orange sofas in the Physicum building at Kumpula Campus. In Anna’s company, you’ll be sure to get a delightful conversation and a case of her contagious smile!

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