EGEA in English

About EGEA Europe

EGEA (European Geography Association for Students and Young Geographers) is an organization that forms a network of local entities around Europe. EGEA was founded in 1988 and has its seat in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In 2020 EGEA consists of over 90 entities all over Europe. Administratively EGEA is divided into four regions. EGEA Helsinki is part of the North & Baltic Region. The regions are not restricting the members and events are arranged across the regional borders.

EGEA Europe works as an umbrella organization for geography students in Europe. The students meet through various forms of activities, like congresses, exchanges, seminars and parties. Each year four Regional Congresses are held during spring and an Annual Congress in the autumn. An exchange means that a group from two entities visit each other during e.g. one week. The host arranges the program, accommodation and food in their own town. During the second part of the exchange the other group hosts the first one. During seminars students gather around a specific geographical theme.

For more information, visit EGEA Europe’s homepage.

About EGEA Helsinki

EGEA Helsinki is a local EGEA entity for students at the University of Helsinki. EGEA Helsinki was officially founded in the autumn of 2005. Before that many Helsinkians had already participated in congresses and a few exchanges. However, the number of active members in EGEA Helsinki grew significantly and therefore a more organized form was seen as necessary. Moreover, EGEA Helsinki organized the North & Baltic Regional Congress in Lammi in spring 2006, which demanded a more organized entity.

Most members have begun their EGEA career by participating in an exchange. After that the gate is open to take part in congresses and seminars. This way you learn to know people from all over Europe. Welcome! EGEA Helsinki’s local activities work in Finnish and English. EGEA Europe’s official language is English.

With EGEA-related questions you can message MaO’s 2023 EGEA contact persons:

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