Sports at MaO

MaO has its own and unique sports team called ’Reippailijat’. Our weekly sporting events are open for all Geography students!

The weekly sports are as follows:

Floorball or futsal at Unisport Kumpula at 15-16, depending on the week. Approximately 2,40€ per time.

Basketball at Unisport Kumpula at 15-16 . Approximately 2,40€ per time.
Finnish baseball and ultimate frisbee at the sports field of Arabia at 18-20. No fees!

– During winter when there is ice: Ice hockey and ice skating at the sports field of Käpylä at 18-20. No fees!
– During warmer periods: Football at the sports field of Käpylä at 18-20. No fees!

Volleyball at Unisport Kumpula at 12-13. No fees!

We also play floorball, futsal and basketball matches in the Unisport leagues.


The payments for the events with fees will be collected at the end of the semester. The size of the fees will become more accurate later.

Sports at MaO on Facebook:

In order to follow what’s happening with the weekly sporting events, we suggest you to join our Facebook group: MaO:n liikuntainfo. You can also directly ask the sports coordinators below if you have anything on your mind.

Greetings from the sports coordinators,

Aapo Keinänen

Amanda Salmensuu

Eero Turkki

Erkki Järvinen